The Learning channel offers personalized and interactive trainings on a wide range of topics interrelated with the EUSAIR pillars and thematics. The main purpose is to build capacities and skills for public administration and other stakeholders.

The e-learning platform:

  • Enhances knowledge delivery and learning experiences within the EUSAIR community 

  • Facilitates learning and enables participants to upskill

  • Offers training for free and educational resources provided by experienced professionals


What's the target of our courses?  


Transnational, national, and local administrators, decision-makers, public officers, regional agencies


Beneficiaries and stakeholders of European funded projects
managers, employees, business networks



Students, NGOs, research institutions, academics, global and local communities stakeholders

Any relevant group and stakeholders who can affect, or who can be affected by EUSAIR Strategy and its activities

How can you partecipate in the learning process?  

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