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Better coordination and cooperation between the countries and regions concerned is needed to adress shared challenges and better exploit opportunities. In order to better overcome such challenges and to coordinate the working flow, the EUSAIR Stakeholders Platform provides the opportunity to work by creating the virtual working groups divided among 4 Pillars where ideas can be discussed among members and documents can be stored and shared.

The working groups are organized in categories divided by 4 thematic Pillars:

Pillar 1: "Blue Growth"

Pillar 2: "Connecting the region"

Pillar 3: "Environmental quality"

Pillar 4: "Sustainable tourism". Each Pillar is divided in several topics. 

The groups can be open (free access) in which each user can freely decide to participate or private group in which only the “group creator” can invite users to join and access the group. group. This type of distinction is visible to those who belong to the group only. The groups can also be cross-cutting and can be create according also to project needs.

Do you need to take part of one or more Pillars?
Do you need to create new working groups?


The EUSAIR Stakeholders Platform can help you!

Our tools are designed for you and offer the following services:

  • Open and closed networking online groups

  • Consultation, project idea, post/event, documental repository and knowledge database

  • Online access to different resources, information and databases 

  • Organisation of online meetings/complex meetings (GTMeeting, GTWebinar and Zoom)

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