Greek Capacity Building

Start Date
23 February 2023
End Date
23 February 2023







The general purpose of the event is to increase the capacity of key actors involved in or affecting the implementation of the EUSAIR (national/regional authorities responsible for EU funds, programme MAs, important stakeholders at Pillar level) in terms of understanding the particular requirements of monitoring and evaluation at the macro-regional strategy level. Monitoring, evaluation, and capacity building are key elements for the Strategy also in the new programming period.


The one-day event includes:

  • Presentation of the findings from the Pillar monitoring procedures that have been followed so far during the implementation of the macro-regional Strategy until 2022;
  • Information and discussion on a proposed Monitoring and Evaluation system developed in the framework of the EUSAIR Facility Point project;
  • Learning about monitoring and evaluation in the frame of other macro-regional strategies;
  • Learning to prepare and adapt for the future EUSAIR of the 2021-2027 period, in order to obtain a smooth, quick and effective monitoring for the Strategy;
  • A brief presentation of the EUSAIR perspectives in the new programming period 2021-2027 and an overview of the revision of the EUSAIR action Plan;
  • The embedding process of the EUSAIR flagships in the 2021-2027 mainstream and ETC programmes;
  • Development of joint recommendations and action plan for further improvement of M&E system of EUSAIR – Networking of the Managing Authorities in the EU and IPA countries.